1. I say that April fools is a state of mind and that it should last longer than one day. The link says otherwise.

  3. headless-rabbit said: The tank on your cb400t looked beautiful!

    It was. All stock, no rust, shimmering metal flake paint. Now it’s destroyed. :’( irresponsible drivers make me sad.

  4. fuckboy2001:


    "I miss you”
    Is the nicest text you can receive

    "i bought a monster truck"

    "I’ve bought you all of the bacon"

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  5. habermannandsons:

    Elsinore NX650

    Scramblers hold a place in my heart forever.

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  6. One moth ago today, my bike was cut down in the prime of her life. 8pm, September 24th, a car cut me off by making an illegal left hand turn. Please, watch for motorcycles, treat them with respect. Just because you may have four wheels and a cage to protect you, doesn’t mean we do. R.I.P. my 4,000 original mile, thirty two year old, Honda CB400t II Hawk II.

  7. motoriginal:

    Quijote-allover submitted: These are some of the very few photos of this Korres P4 car. It is has a revolutionary suspension system designed in the early 1930s but never developed and put to action, reinvented in 1990 by a Greek engineer called Dimitris Korres it changes its distance from ground from 15-64 cm and no matter what the obstacle is under its wheel the other three wheels don’t lose traction. This is the first production model, it is equipped with a LS7 motor. It is far better than a hummer off road and as good as a 500hp sports car on the road.

    You can submit your own stuff here for Submission Sunday.

    Need. Need this now.

  8. habermannandsons:

    Oberdan Bezzi KTM Dreams


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  9. rabioheab:

    2 years ago on canada day i was so drunk that i fell over on the street and started crawling and a cop pulled over and asked me if i was ok and i yelled YES and he just said “alright good” and drove off which is proof that canadian cops are absolutely useless

    You mean the absolute best?! In America, that would have resulted in beatings, an arrest, and fines.

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  10. I got in a motorcycle accident because someone else carelessly turned in front of me. Please, for the safety of others, watch out for motorcycles. We get hurt a lot easier than people in cars. I got lucky, very close friends of mine before me didn’t get so lucky. Consider your consequences.